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Book Review 5- Heroes of Kindness


Hi fellas!

Feeling low? Wondering what will happen when the world will end? Pondering over whether apocalypse has really hit us? Pause and pick up the book titled Heroes of kindness . And I am sure your perception will certainly undergo metamorphosis! This book is a presentation of the strong resilience of the Author who strongly advocates that we have kind hearts around us and who can act like angels to someone having a bad day or time. The key is to believe in the very existence of such noble souls.

I am here today to present before you the book review of the E- Book written by Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan.

Weird as it sounds, this book focusing on positivity was born from unending
pages of negativity.”

portrays the strong belief that the author wants to convey which is best can come out of the worst . The author wants his readers to believe that the world is not a bad place and there is still good, kind & lovely people helping each other. He has taken the arduous journey of grouping acts of kindness from different sources and has gone to the extent of interviewing many of them. This , while he being in medical profession that needs constant attention and dedication. This very effort is commendable and the sole aim is to inspire and motivate his readers. In a world where we are surrounded by negativity very often and opening a newspaper is no different, this book surely opens the window to a world full of hope, faith , belief and trust in the very humane nature of people around us. The readers must take a tour of the chapters to see the extra ordinary happenings in the very ordinary situations that we come across in our daily lives. The author has showcased many cases from India and as well as from abroad to depict that goodness prevails and how we can help each other and change someone’s life with even a small act of being compassionate or considerate.

Be it Mr. Howie Dittman who participates in a LGBT rally and helps change perception of many or the case of a passenger who helped Ms. Latonya Young to complete her school, every change maker in the book is definitely going to compel the reader to introspect . It was fascinating for me to explore the case of a surgeon who walks 8 miles through the blizzard for attending a cancer patient and conduct a successful surgery. Even the case of 70 year old Sreeman Narayan and Vinod kumar KV were heart touching. In the 27th chapter the Author has put together instances happening in India during the lock-down period to cite examples where starting from a six year old Debangkita Banerjee to a 67 year old Paburam Manda have become catalysts of positive change. Though it is difficult for me to pick up any favourite portion of the book, the below statement remains engraved in my memory. The line is as below:

“Why hold onto burning coal when you have diamonds around you?”

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